philosophy, statistics

The Habit of Knowledge

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they finish school is they get out of the habit of knowledge.

Knowledge isn’t about acquiring information.  We gain information anytime we read an article about the antics of the Kardashians.  The problem is that this type of information doesn’t require a human brain:  pictures of Kim will be on the internet forever.

Knowledge is about the habit of wrestling information to the ground, of tracking it down, of verifying and validating it.  If the President claims sanctuary cities are hotbeds of criminal activities, you can either believe this claim…or you can hunt down its source (there is none).

And having found none, you ask yourself the next question:  What’s the real story?  If you do that, you find that the opposite is true:  sanctuary communities actually have lower crime rates, as well as higher median incomes, and lower unemployment.

For more about the mathematics behind this conclusion, you can watch this video:


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